Over 4,350 babies are born at Watford General each year. Of these, around 10% are born prematurely.

Vital charitable support helps ensure that these vulnerable babies get the best start in life. The skills and care of the staff are supplemented by the latest equipment and extra comforts which mean that babies and their parents receive a level of care over and above what the NHS alone can afford.

It’s hard to imagine what our NHS teams are going through as they continue to care for large numbers of patients affected by COVID-19.

The last two years have been incredibly tough, yet staff continue to do their jobs with kindness and compassion. But recent research shows that over 55% nationally have experienced a mental health toll from the pandemic, with many staff reporting depression, anxiety or even post traumatic stress.

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At the same time you will be helping to make a difference to the patients and staff across Hemel Hempstead, St Albans City and Watford General hospitals.

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