This photo promote the 2021 Christmas appeal for Raise - West Hertfordshire Hospitals Charity

Will you show patients that they are not forgotten this Christmas?

Traditionally, the festive season is when we get together with family and friends, share good times, make special memories and exchange gifts to show our love. Unfortunately, many people fall ill and need to spend those special days in one of our West Hertfordshire hospitals.

We’re determined that our patients don’t miss out on the spirit of the season simply because they’re in hospital. So we are asking local businesses and communities to make a donation to our Raise a Smile this Christmas appeal. With your donations, our charity team can buy a selection of gifts so patients know that well-wishers are thinking of them.

This photo is of a premature baby and her mum at Watford General Hospital

Will you join us in marking World Prematurity Day?

Over 4,350 babies are born at Watford General each year. Of these, around 10% are born prematurely but the professionalism, care and compassion of the neonatal unit staff means that they are in the best possible hands.

This World Prematurity Day we are joining with our clinical colleagues to raise awareness of premature birth and the hurdles that babies and parents face every single day.

Around 500 babies are admitted to Watford’s neonatal intensive care each year, and 50 of them will weigh less than 1500 grams (that’s just 3.3 lbs). Together, they require 1,000 days of respiratory care.

Vital charitable support helps ensure that these tiny and vulnerable babies get the best start in life. The skills and care of the staff are supplemented by the latest equipment and extra comforts which mean that babies and their parents receive a level of care over and above what the NHS alone can afford.

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