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COVID-19: Raise calls for urgent support for West Herts hospitals

Raise, the charity for West Hertfordshire hospitals, is calling for focused support in the fight against COVID-19 from Hertfordshire business and the community. The charity is also coordinating receipt and distribution of donations – financial and in-kind – being made to both the charity and the NHS Trust.

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With increasing pressure on staff and resources, particularly at Watford General Hospital, help is needed right now.

Visit the Raise COVID-19 Response Hub at https://www.raisewestherts.org.uk/covid

Sofia Sheikh, Director at Raise, said “Our NHS hospitals need the help of the communities they serve, and they need it quickly. We call on individuals and businesses in West Hertfordshire to give if they can. Whilst we know things are very difficult financially for many people at the moment, we would appreciate any help you might be able give.”

By far the most useful way to support the charity and hospitals is by making a straightforward donation. If you can do this, please go to https://www.raisewestherts.org.uk/covid and donate online. Cash donations give the charity the resources and the flexibility to order and buy exactly what is needed, whether for patients, staff, or for clinical services.

Cash in the bank also allows the charity to act very quickly.

“Donations made online come to our account immediately.” said Sofia, “If nurses and doctors need equipment or supplies quickly, it’s that money that will make the difference between us being able to order it there and then, or perhaps not at all. If an individual needs help, it’s a fast-track grant that is going to give fast and effective relief.”

The charity is also coordinating donations of gifts-in-kind to the hospital. “There are some specific items we definitely need, and if local businesses in particular are able to help with those, that would be fantastic”, continued Sofia.

Items are needed now and in anticipation of increasing need during April, and include convenient pre-packed healthy snacks, drinks, prepared meals, and personal care items. The current list is at https://raisewestherts.org.uk/items-needed/.

Because of the restrictions in place around visiting and moving around the hospitals, it’s really important that anyone who wishes to contribute contacts Raise first using the form at https://www.raisewestherts.org.uk/covid. It isn’t possible to just turn up at any NHS site, even bearing generous gifts. It might be possible for the charity to arrange for items to be collected but the best thing, if possible, is delivery to our partners Watford Football Club, Vicarage Road, Watford by arrangement.

Finally, Raise is also supporting the Volunteer Services Department at West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust. If you would like to volunteer, please visit the hub to learn more.

Notes for Editors

Please use the charity and NHS Trust logos to attract attention when you print this article, thank you. These can be downloaded from https://tinyurl.com/raiselogo and https://tinyurl.com/WHHTlogo respectively.

For more information please contact Sofia Sheikh on 07393232313 or David Head on 07720 444084. Please note however that the charity cannot answer press queries about the NHS Trust’s resources or response to COVID-19.

Raise is dedicated to supporting staff and patients at Watford General Hospital, St Albans City Hospital and Hemel Hempstead Hospital, never more so than at this critical time. More information is at www.raisewestherts.org.uk.

Raise is registered charity number 1052210.