Family Bereavement Room Appeal

The bereavement team at West Herts Hospitals supports families and help them come to terms with their loss.

Losing a loved one is a time of great sadness for families. Many families will want to see their loved one and spend time with them as they prepare to say goodbye. The team at West Herts Hospitals mortuary facilitate and support relatives to visit their deceased loved ones, during a really important and difficult time for grieving families.

It is important that a grieving family has somewhere peaceful and comfortable to prepare for their final goodbyes, and a private space to receive advice and support from specialist mortuary staff.

At West Hertfordshire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, up to four families a day view their deceased loved ones in special facilities at Hemel Hempstead Hospital. There is a family room, where they can prepare, gather thoughts and receive support, adjacent to the viewing room.

Both rooms, however require refurbishment.

The family waiting room is an internal room, so has no windows; relying instead on lights set into ceiling tiles, supplemented by uplighters. The current space is tired, dated and gloomy.

The viewing room (left) is decorated in the same style as the family room, although it does benefit from natural light. The room is equally dated and tired.

Both rooms are covered in anaglypta, the walls are scuffed and need repainting.

The rooms are uncomfortable for our families and we need your help to change this.

Please support bereaved families in West Hertfordshire

We need your help to raise £40,000 to transform these rooms into spaces of calm, where families can view their loved ones in peaceful surroundings, where they feel cared for and supported.

With your donations, the spaces will be transformed into comfortable updated spaces; the anaglypta will be stripped and the spaces will be refreshed and repainted.

New furniture and lighting will be installed, that is both practical and aesthetically calming.

We are also looking to install light boxes similar to the example (right), in the ceiling and on the walls.

Please support this important appeal. If you would like to help, please make a donation to the bereavement room appeal via the form below. The impact of your kindness would be felt by grieving families for years to come, as they say goodbye to loved ones. Thank you.

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