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apply for raise funding

This webpage is for West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust staff to apply for funds from Raise.

How can we help?

Raise money can only be used to enhance patient care & welfare, staff welfare, staff training, or the ward and working environments at the three West Hertfordshire NHS Trust hospitals.

Raise money cannot be spent on anything that we would normally expect to see funded by WHHT; remember that our donors expect their money to be used to go ‘above and beyond’ what is provided by the NHS.

An application must be for a minimum of £100 and a maximum of £250,000. Purchases must be completed or projects started within 6 months of funds being approved, and projects can run for up to 3 years. Remember that you will be making a pitch for donated funds and you might be competing with other requests, so be persuasive in your application. Also, plan it carefully because any changes later are treated as a new application and will lead to delay.

An application for support related to COVID-19 will be referred to WHHT first because COVID-19 exchequer  funds may be available. If they are unable to help then your application will automatically enter the normal Raise application process.

Requests for up to £1,000 will be allocated to the fast track and assessed based purely on the information you provide in the application form. We will make a decision within 15 working days; please contact us before submission if an emergency response is needed.

For these requests the application form requests much more detail. Applications will be referred to the Charity Committee and we will respond within 20 working days. You may be asked for more information, and it is not possible to accelerate the process. If approved, funds will also be subject to your project being agreed by your Divisional Director (up to £5,000), or approval of a business case by the CFO (above £5,000), or by the full committee (over £25,000).

Ensure you have your manager’s agreement for the purchase or project (and a business plan if required) in place. You will have to complete the application form in one visit, so it is prudent to prepare answers to the 8 main questions in a word document first, which you can then “copy and paste” into the form. 


You must not commit to any expenditure until your application is approved in writing; Raise will not fund retrospectively. Finally, note that a purchase or project that Raise agrees to fund may also require permissions from WHHT departments such as IT, Infection Control, Estates, and so on, and it will be your responsibility to secure these before any money is released.

Preparation form for applying for Raise funds (you may wish to copy this part into a Word document to save for later!)

You can use this to prepare but your application must be submitted online using the form below.

For an application for over £1,000 please prepare a maximum of 300 words under each of the heading A to H.

For a fast track application (up to £1,000) the maximum is 100 words under each heading.

Tips: Stay within the word count and be succinct. Try to be persuasive and informative. Remember that this is your opportunity to convince the Charity Director or Charity Committee that your purchase or project merits spending money donated by members of the public and our other supporters. However, please do not try to max out the word count just for the sake of it, and if a section is not applicable just enter N/A.

A. Summarise the background to your application and what you intend to achieve with the money

B. Why are you approaching your hospital charity for funding instead of using a departmental budget?

"Not enough in the department budget" does not justify your application if the costs should be funded by the NHS

C. Please explain more about the problem your funding will address

D: What evidence is there (a) of the problem you have identified and (b) that your proposal will address it?

Evidence can include, for example, reports, patient stories, surveys and consultations, and expert statements

E: Please describe how your project will solve the problem or address the issue that you have identified

This is important. Explain exactly how the charity's money will make an impact

F: Please tell us how the money will be spent in more detail, for example on salaries, equipment, consumables, services, overheads, and so on. Break down your budget here. Be sure to tell us about total project costs and to include notes about where any other funding might be coming from

You must provide enough detail to validate the amount applied for

G: How will the purchase or project meet Raise's objectives of enhancing patient care and staff welfare in West Hertfordshire's hospitals?

H: How will you measure the impact or success of your proposal and report it to Raise if requested to do so?

Budget checkers for applications above £1,000


What is the total cost of your project ?  [  £                      ]

Include all costs, including any staff costs

How much is being funded by WHHT? [  £                      ]

Any amount being funded by the trust

How much is from other sources? [  £                      ]

Other grants you are getting, for example

Balance to be funded by Raise? [  £                      ]

This MUST equal the amount of your request


How much of your request is essential costs [  £                      ]

Things you really can't do without

How much is non-critical, but desirable? [  £                      ]

Not essential, but will really help a lot

How much is for enhancements? [  £                      ]

Things you'd love to have if the money is available

Total to be funded by Raise [  £                      ]

This MUST equal the amount of your request

You will be able to upload up to two supporting documents with your application, eg a quotation, report or project plan. This is optional. You MUST NOT upload WHHT or patient confidential documents. Your uploads must be in PDF, PNG or JPG format and cannot exceed 10MB

With the exception of any funds restricted to a specific purpose, all funds will be reallocated to the ‘General Charity Fund’. This means that you will no longer be limited by the amount of funds within your current fund, so you will be able to apply for more funds this way.  This new process will also enable all staff to be able to apply for funding, so it will be fairer.

What is a restricted fund? A restricted fund is a reserve fund that contains money that can only be used for specific purposes. Restricted funds provide reassurance to donors that their contributions are used in a manner they have chosen (e.g. Staff reward and development fund)

It’s easy to apply for funds, just fill in the application form below.

By having this process in place, the application for funds is fair and open to all staff to be able to ask for items that go above and beyond what the NHS can provide.  This also enables us to be able to seek funding from external sources to fund particular projects for you.

If you believe that your fund is restricted (the donor that had given you the money only wanted it spent in a particular way or department) then please let us know by emailing office@raisewestherts.org.uk. You will need to provide evidence showing the donor has said that these funds can only be spent in this prescribed way.  On receipt of confirmation that the funds are restricted, we will ensure your fund is kept as a restricted fund.

The application form

You must submit this form in one go - good luck!

Application form for Raise funds and Raise Rapid (fast-track) funds

This form is for West Hertforshire Hospitals NHS Trust (WHHT) staff to apply for funds from Raise - your hospital charity. Before you can apply, you must have read the guidance notes and be sure that your application meets our charitable objectives and some basic criteria.

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