Apply for Raise funds

Stage 1 – Preliminary form

Please fill in the form below if you would like to request charitable funds for a project.

Fund numbers can be found on http://wghintra01/raise/ and select 'List of fund holders and managers'.

A fund number is NOT ESSENTIAL at this stage.

Before completing this form, please take a moment to revisit the charitable expenditure guidelines. These can be found on the intranet at: http://wghintra01/raise/

eg. Quotes, pictures or brochures

• Background/setting the scene: what is the issue/problem?• The solution: what are you intending to do to improve the situation or solve a specific problem? • Who will benefit? • How many patients? • Are there any broader reaching benefits, e.g. are you hoping to improve the quality of care in a way that could be replicated elsewhere?
If estimates please explain in the 'Costs' box
Please break your costs down if the total is the sum of many parts. As applicable think of: a. Staff b. Equipment c. Consumables (per year) d. Maintenance (per year) e. IT costs (up front and per year) f. Other

If you have any problems or further questions please call Raise on 01923 436177, 07393232313, X8177

Once completed please submit your application by pressing the button below: