Hannah White

"Befriending has been extremely valuable for me personally, enabling me to develop communication skills and to re-affirm my confidence when meeting new people."

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Mathujana Thirunavukkarasu

"As an aspiring medic, and currently in Year 12, I felt it would be a great opportunity to gain knowledge and experience of being in hospital, during an unimaginably difficult time for young patients."

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Jess Folwell

"Volunteering at the hospital has greatly improved my confidence and communication skills and I have absolutely adored my time at Watford so far."

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Rose Baldwin

"I’m so pleased to have volunteered and when life returns to ‘normal’, I’ll continue at Watford hospital; it now holds a special place in my heart."

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Lubna Bhatti

"Being part of the volunteer team is an honour … and whatever the task, being part of the hospital leaves me with a sense of achievement and satisfaction."

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