Charlott Saunders

Hey all! My name is Charlott, and this is my four year old daughter River. I am a 28-year-old with two jobs living in West Watford and have been a part of the Watford Community for seven years plus! Community means to me, having a society of people that no matter what age, gender, race, sexuality, disability, or background you come from, people care for one another and make sure we are all bringing out the best in people. A huge parenting value I hold is teaching my child about people’s differences and how it makes each individual beautiful.

My wanting to help community all started back in December 2018 when my daughter was just four weeks old. She fell unwell and as we got ready to go to the hospital River stopped breathing and I found myself having to resuscitate her until the paramedics took over. The paramedics saved River’s life. We had to spend a few nights in Watford General’s Starfish Ward as her oxygen levels had dropped. This made me realise a few things: one of them being that tomorrow isn’t promised, we were just lucky to be able to have received that urgent care which meant my daughter survived.  It also made me realise how stressful it can be for a parent to go through such a thing and spend time in a place that can be so dark and gloomy; however much the doctors, nurses, volunteers wanted to create a safe place to ensure children aren’t feeling stressed.

I want to spend my short time on this earth, making people smile. I want River and I to be reason that people believe in pure hearts and kind souls with hope they return that love to someone else in the future. Getting the community involved in all of my projects is hugely important and seeing everyone participate warms my heart.

This year we have:

  • Collected over 650 Easter Eggs for Sick Children in WGH and in the community
  • Donated Hundreds of Childs Farm Toiletries for the Starfish Ward and Neonatal
  • Volunteered over 68 hours across varied charities
  • Packed 48 winter bags for Small Acts of kindness
  • Packed 135 Winter information Packs for the Elderly for Small Acts of kindness
  • Currently: Collected 50+ toys and raised over a £1,000 for the Christmas Toy Collection

FAQs about Charlott’s 2022 Toy Drive

Q: What happens if we receive more toys (and donations toward toys) than anticipated?

A:  Charlott’s priority has been, from the outset, to ensure that every child over the festive period receives a gift and is made to feel extra special. Any remaining presents will be given to children over the festive period and into the new year. In this way, gifts will bring smiles to children’s faces for weeks to come.

Q: How are the gifts are distributed?

A: We sort all gifts by age and they are then individually wrapped and distributed to each respective children’s ward. We have a lovely team of volunteers ready to play the role of Father Christmas’ elves!  

Q: Can we help in the wider community?

A: There are a number of toy drives happening this year. Charlott has been collecting specifically for young patients over the festive period and we are honouring her original vision.

Q: Any further questions?

A: Please email

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