COVID-19 Appeal

It’s hard to imagine what our NHS teams are going through as they continue to care for large numbers of patients affected by COVID-19. The last two years have been incredibly tough, yet staff continue to do their jobs with kindness and compassion.

Recent research by NHS Charities Together shows that over 55% of NHS staff nationally have experienced a mental health toll from the pandemic, with many reporting depression, anxiety or even post traumatic stress. They are also worried about their own health and the health of their loved ones.

At the same time, there are considerable areas of backlog and clinics that are busier than ever.

So we still need your help

Will you be there for our staff, by making a donation today? Funds raised from this appeal will help provide staff support in terms of equipment, comforts and much more.

Please use the secure payment form below to donate using a credit or debit card. Thank you.

Donate to our ongoing COVID-19 appeal here

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