Making a difference

We are here to have an impact. At Raise we believe in improving the experience, welfare and wellbeing of our patients and staff across Hemel Hempstead, St Albans City and Watford General hospitals. Your money really helps!

We help fund the latest technology, hospital enhancements, staff development and extra comforts that make such a difference to patients, day after day, above and beyond what the NHS can afford alone.

Let there be light!

The paediatric assessment unit at Watford General Hospital is situated in the basement of the main hospital building. Funded by Raise, new LED skylights provide a practical way of bringing natural light into a windowless environment, improving the patient experience immensely.

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Crunching the numbers

How we spent our money during our 2019-20 financial year.

£70,000 towards the direct benefit of patients

Some of this money went towards new skylights in the Children’s emergency department and bubble tubes for the X-Ray department.

£55,000 on specialist staff training & workshops

Raise funded courses to enable staff to continue their development in their professional roles, such as cultural intelligence courses.

£34,000 on staff welfare and amenities

Thanks to Raise, staff at our three hospitals enjoy new wellbeing areas, fitness classes and memorial spaces.

£7,000 on computer equipment

During the first COVID-19 lockdown, we purchased a number of iPads for patients to enable them to talk to their loved ones who were unable to visit them.

£7000 on equipment for staff benefit

Raise facilitated the funding of Lucina, a birthing manikin and for a birthing bed to enable realistic training experiences for maternity staff, so they are highly prepared to support birthing mothers in complex and life threatening situations.

£2,000 on medical equipment

Raise contributed to a new colposcopy chair, a number of breast feeding chairs in the Special Care Baby Unit and an electrocardiogram machine.

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