For Staff

Important update 01 April 2019: Please note that, until further notice, applications for funding are restricted to grants, projects and materials that are related to the Covid-19 emergency.

Apply for Raise Funds

Did you know that you might be able to access additional money for your ward or service from a Raise (West Hertfordshire Hospitals Charity) special purpose fund?

Do bear in mind that some funds can only be used for a particular purpose (eg. they are restricted by the donor) for example a particular ward or service.

The money often comes from grateful patients and their families who have made donations or left legacies, or because you, the staff, have actively fundraised. Making a request can transform your ward or service. They can provide you with equipment, facilities or even fund research which can help you deliver extraordinary healthcare.

Before completing this form, please take a moment to revisit the charitable expenditure guidelines.  These can be found on the intranet at: http://wghintra01/raise/

The expenditure must follow Charity Commission advice, which is that the funds of NHS Charities should be used to:

• provide new additional services where the NHS body has no obligation and insufficient resources to do so

• enhance existing services over and above the level that can be provided by exchequer funds

There may be exceptional circumstances that justify departure from this advice, but this advice should be followed unless such circumstances can be demonstrated.


Apply for Raise Funds