Free Beryl’s Bikes for NHS staff

Veolia, the UK’s leading environmental services provider and bike share provider Beryl’s Bikes have today announced an initiative that will offer free minutes for the shared bike and e-bike service for NHS staff in Watford.

Overall, 10,000 minutes will be available in 100-minute bundles. As Coronavirus restrictions are cautiously eased, this initiative will enable NHS staff to enjoy the benefits of active travel in Watford to get to work, visit local businesses, support the local community and socialise safely with family and friends. 

Aimed at promoting use of bikes and e-bikes as a green and healthy way to travel, NHS staff will be able to access the initiative by signing up on the Beryl app with their NHS email address. Once they have done so, they can enter the code VEOLIANHS10 which will only work with NHS email addresses. They will then be able to access a free 100 minute bundle.

Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, Beryl has supported over 10,000 free journeys for key workers across the UK with a series of initiatives across their services.

Phil Ellis, CEO of Beryl said: “We are delighted to offer hard-working NHS staff free access to our bikes and e-bikes in Watford. We want as many people as possible to experience the benefits of travelling in such an enjoyable, healthy and safe manner after what has been an exceptionally difficult time for those working in the NHS.”’

VeoliaContract Manager, Darren Harding said: “We are delighted to support our local key workers with an opportunity to have a free and flexible transport option to help them save money, encourage exercise and reduce carbon emissions.”

The initiative is live already and will run until all 100-minute bundles have been used. For more information, please visit

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