West Herts Hospital Charity Grant Application Form

Please only proceed if you can confirm the following.
Your application will be declined if these criteria are not met.
(1) This grant is for a genuine enhancement and is not something which should be funded by the NHS
(2) This grant will benefit patients and/or staff at West Hertfordshire hospitals
(3) You have costings/quotes for the full amount of the grant you want to apply for
(4) Your manager or department head has agreed that your application is appropriate
(5) This grant application is not for something already purchased (we *cannot* grant retrospective funding)
(6) You have a trust approved business case for your application if it is for £5,000 or more
(7) Your application is for purchase of goods or services which are compliant with all hospital regulations and procedures (e.g. Infection Prevention & Control; Estates; Environment, Health & Safety; Medical Devices; Information Governance; IT; and all others as appropriate).
(8)You are not using Microsoft Internet Explorer, which is not compatible with this system.
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