Hospital charity asks donations to be online or off-site!

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Cakes, curry and caffeinated drinks are among some of the donations that have flooded in to Watford General Hospital over the last few weeks.

Sofia Sheikh, the charity director of Raise (the hospital charity) says: “The treats for staff have been very well received and we have been humbled by the kindness and affection of the local community.

“We have also been delighted to see such a good response to our COVID-19 appeal. It’s now at £5,000. Giving us money is a brilliant way to help. For instance, £8,000 would buy safe and cleanable covers for the i-pads that have been donated to help our patients keep in touch with loved ones whilst visiting is not allowed. We now urgently need to buy covers that are approved by our infection control team so that patients can use the i-pads safely. So please do consider going online to or to donate on to help to make this happen.”

She added: “Please keep the kindness coming, but please make sure your donations are online or off site – or both!”

Watford Football Club is supporting Watford General Hospital at this time by making space available for training and meetings whilst the hospital’s own training rooms are at full capacity. The club has also offered space for donations.

Ms Sheikh said: “It is incredibly important that no donations come straight to the hospital. It is a ‘no-go’ zone to anyone other than staff and those delivering essential hospital supplies. Donations can now only be accepted at Watford Football Club from Monday. Please hold off until then.”

These are the guidelines for anyone wanting to drop off donations:-