ITV News report inspires Lanchester School to help

Following on from the ITV News report from Watford General Hospital, Lanchester Community Free School parents and pupils came together to raise money for well-being treats for NHS staff.

Within a matter of days, a PayPal money pool was set up, a local business offered to donate £250 worth of drinks and snacks and the school launched a fundraising initiative.

The school’s creative faculty set a challenge for the children to create a piece of artwork for the staff at the hospital, with two pieces per class compiled a book for NHS staff. The book also includes the messages of thanks from those who donated to the fund.

Spurred by parent Clare Knox, the school raised £330 in 12 days.

Mr Dibdin, Principal of Lanchester Community Free School told Raise: “We are so proud of the work that the parents and families at Lanchester have done to support our key workers during the pandemic – especially those working at Watford General. We know that Watford has been hit hard by the pandemic, so the staff at the hospital have our love, support and respect for everything they do.”

Bharti Radix, fellow parent at the school and owner of the BloomsYard Cafe Wine Bar in Watford, provided £250 worth of healthy snacks and drinks, including cans of water, nuts, seeds, popcorn and vegan friendly cookies. She also kindly donated 100 tea bags. Bharti also secured a donation of lotions and balms from Lush in Watford.

Mr Dibdin added: “Mrs Knox and Mrs Radix are responsible for coordinating this effort – and it’s not the first selfless thing they’ve done either – so I am particularly grateful to them for doing such a kind and thoughtful thing. I’m delighted to say that it’s just what our community is like…. wonderful!”

In addition to the donations, the parents purchased £80 worth of items from Raise’s Amazon wish list. These included shower gels, lip balms, pulse point essential oils, soap, tissues and face wipes.

Sofia Sheikh, Raise Charity Director, said: “We are immensely grateful to the school, parents and pupils for the fundraising efforts – and the treats will certainly put a smile on the faces of our fantastic NHS staff. Thank you everyone!”

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