Unique artwork benefits Raise: an NHS charity

Captain Tom Moore by Dean Russell
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Two incredibly talented local artists donated beautiful tributes to the fundraising success and spirit of veteran and centenarian Captain Tom Moore, which were auctioned over the 24 hours of Capt. Tom’s 100th birthday.

Proceeds of the auction will benefit West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust.

Dean Russell MP, Member of Parliament for Watford and a respected artist, painted this beautiful picture of Capt. Tom, striking what has become an iconic pose with his medals and surrounded by the colours of the rainbow.

Captain Tom Moore by Dean RussellThis item was auctioned on Capt. Tom’s 100th birthday on 30 April 2020, starting at 00:01 and ending at 24:00. Every penny of the proceeds of the sale were paid directly to Raise.

Dean said, in a video to Capt. Tom “I’m sure everyone in the constituency will join me in saying ‘Thank You’ for everything you have done to galvanise the nation behind the NHS in recent weeks”

David Head, from Raise, added “This is quite simply a beautiful tribute and we were both moved and proud to auction the painting … thank you Dean.”

Captain Tom Moore by Mike DawsonAlso auctioned was this amazing acrylic pop art tribute to Capt. Tom by another well respected Hertfordshire artist, Mike Dawson. The stunning canvas again incorporated the NHS rainbow theme and again was auctioned over the 24 hours of Capt. Tom’s birthday.

Mike is based in Elstree and so was keen to support the Hertfordshire charity. He said “I was inspired to paint Captain Tom because he has captured the hearts of the nation and become Britain’s greatest-ever fundraiser.

“My ‘pop art’ representation of him depicted him wearing his blazer and medals, backed by the NHS rainbow. lt was created using acrylic paints on a boxed canvas.”

David added “Again, what a fantastic gesture from a very talented man, we are so very grateful.”

Raise has been working hard to support the three West Hertfordshire hospitals in Hemel, St Albans and Watford throughout the COVID-19 emergency and you can learn more about this here.