Please give regularly to our Patient’s Fund

Regular, monthly donations are crucial to us. With your help, each year our charity funds equipment and services that go above and beyond what the NHS can provide alone. Monthly donations are the bedrock of funding that allow us to be flexible in our pursuit of ever-improving patient care. They ensure we have the resources we need – now, more than ever, this kind of reliable support and security is urgently needed.

Regular monthly donations allow us to attend to areas of urgent need, wherever and whenever they crop up.

With your support, we can continue to invest in innovative technology, enhanced facilities and services, staff wellbeing and training as well as the little things that make a difference to patients day after day. By giving regularly, you’ll help us make patient life, a little bit more like normal life.

Your support matters and will make a difference to patient care across our hospitals.

Hospital staff are invited to submit applications to our charity for projects that they know will make a difference. Funds are then allocated to those projects that will make the most impact.

Why are the projects not funded by the NHS?

The NHS budget does not cover many of these projects because they are not deemed ‘essential’. But we’ve seen first hand how much of a difference they make not only to our patients, buy to their friends and loved ones.

You can set up a regular donation by completing the simple online form below. It takes only a few minutes and could change the lives of thousands of patients for years to come.

Please give regularly to our patient’s fund by setting up a regular monthly Direct Debit today.

Simply press the ‘Donate Now’ button below, and select ‘Monthly’ on the form which opens. Thank you so much.

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