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We've got a dedicated team working for you.

We are the team rising to the challenge!

Introducing the dedicated team working hard to support staff, patients and their families across West Hertfordshire.

We go above and beyond what the NHS can provide, making sure that patients receive the best possible care.


Sofia Sheikh

Charity Director
Sofia has been working in the NHS charity sector for 11 years. In her prior role she doubled the income and built a strong team that could carry on the great work that she started. One of the favourite things about her career is making lives better and working with people who care about their jobs on a personal level. Her favourite food is Spaghetti Bolognese.

Ruth Paterson

Specialist Projects Manager
Ruth has a background in psychology and has over 15 years' management experience. She successfully designed and implemented a model of hospital volunteering during the first wave of the pandemic, something only a handful of UK hospitals managed. Having worked in the NHS for the past 5 years, Ruth now looks after Raise's projects and funding applications.

Eric Johnson

Digital Media Consultant
Eric is the newest member of Raise and has had a colourful career within journalism and media. During the first COVID-19 lockdown of 2020, Eric raised money for the charity through his photography. He came on board in October 2020 and oversees digital content creation and redesigned this website.

Valerie Hill

Charity Communications Officer
Val has been working at West Herts Hospitals Trust within the communications team for three and half years. One thing that she really enjoys in being able to use her interest in photography in her role, while knowing that she is making a real difference.

Freya Hollingsworth

Fundraising Officer
Freya has been fundraising professionally for a year and a half and really enjoys making a difference to people’s lives. One of her biggest accomplishments was swimming the channel as part of a relay team of six, raising over £13,000 for a charity close to their hearts.