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Monica Leitao

I like to seek experiences that can educate and humble me.

Monica Leitao, Volunteer
Volunteer Monica Leitao

Volunteering during this time felt like an opportunity to contribute to a community that has always supported me and my loved ones. Covid-19 tore so many families apart and I wanted to help create a sense of unity to combat that in the best way I could.

Some of my most memorable moments were made whilst working in patient affairs, as I got the chance to help those grieving and connect with their stories. So many people have lost loved ones to the same virus, yet the impact on and the coping mechanism of each person was so different. It really taught me about the nature of grief and how no one is truly alone, as so many have a shared experience, whether they’ve lost someone to Covid-19 or are struggling with isolation.

Volunteering has been challenging both emotionally and physically, but the experience has been so rewarding. I’m beyond grateful for being part of such an inspiring project, and the appreciation expressed by the NHS staff and the public fuels me constantly. Compassion and resilience will get us through this pandemic.

Monica Leitao