New ultrasound for WHHT cardiac centre

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Cardiology team WHHT

Patients who receive cardiac care with us each year will now receive an even better service thanks to a new ultrasound donated by our Watford League of Friends.

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Heart and circulatory disease cause more than a quarter of all deaths in the UK and in our hospitals we provide comprehensive out-patient and in-patient cardiology services including, for example, diagnostic angiography (to check the health of blood vessels), stress echocardiograms (to diagnose and assess angina and other conditions such as valvular heart disease) and pacemaker and complex device implantation.

The new ultrasound will assist staff in accessing the femoral artery and arterial systems, which allow surgeons to see the circulatory system – veins and arteries – on the screen, in minute detail. This enables them to accurately identify where a puncture is required so a catheter can be inserted in a safe and timely manner. By viewing the catheter entry site in detail on the screen, staff can minimise the risk of damage to veins and arteries, increasing patient safety and decreasing overall procedural time.

Staff will also be able to use this machine to carry out basic but essential ultrasound scans of the heart for patients within the Cath Lab, especially patients suffering from a heart attack who are being treated acutely. These patients require timely scans while they are on the theatre table. So this ultrasound will help speed up treatment times for these emergency patients.

Another benefit is that this particular ultrasound machine is smaller than the portable dedicated cardiac ultrasound machines, and will help the on call teams triaging emergency patients in A&E and the Acute Admissions Unit.

The benefit to patients will be manifold – they can be seen more promptly, they are less likely to experience complications associated with catheter entry, they will spend less time in hospital and they can be seen at Watford, rather than being transferred elsewhere.

A huge thank you our wonderful League of Friends for their ongoing support.

Picture show (left to right) Dr Mason, Ashleigh Noonan, Pearl Sumariwalla, Dr Moore, Dr Hadjiloizou and Dr Khan