Watford Councillor dives in to help

Dawn Allen-WilliamsonWatford Councillor Dawn Allen-Williamson responded to our COVID-19 response appeal when she learnt that our hospital staff needed food and refreshments. Making links with the community support team at her workplace in the town led to donations of several hundred pounds worth of supplies early on in the emergency.

Dawn said “I am very (more…)

Tamil community make a difference at Raise

Greater London Tamil Sangam made their 2020 Chithirai Thiruvizha event a virtual one, at the same time raising money for our COVID-19 response fund.

Chithirai Thiruvizha is a colourful celebration during the Tamil month of Chithirai. It marks the coronation of Goddess Meenakshi and (more…)

Three Watford Ladies in action for Raise

Watford LadiesWatford FC’s Community Sports & Education Trust took part in last month’s “2.6 Challenge” and very kindly decided to split the funds raised between their own charitable work and Raise – supporting staff at West Hertfordshire hospitals through the COVID-19 crisis.

Players Helen Ward, Ryah Vyse and Renee Hector (pictured in that order, and click for full size image) were amongst the (more…)

Lockdown doesn’t stop local marathon brothers

Lewis and Jordan SilverRestrictions in place around COVID-19 didn’t stop local runners and brothers Jordan and Lewis Silver from completing a full marathon, and what’s more they didn’t break any of the rules in doing so, and made £4,000 to support NHS staff in West Hertfordshire to boot.

Starting at their respective back doors, the pair completed the full 26.2 miles by running round and round their gardens. The incredible (and probably dizzying) feat was recorded here using (more…)

Raise West Herts COVID-19 appeal page reaches over £115,000

pound coinThe charity’s COVID-19 cash appeal to support three West Herts hospitals has topped £115,000 in just a few weeks, with £16,000 in Gift Aid also due from HMRC.

The charity is now working with the Trust to plan use of the funds to support staff. We have received many requests for equipment, consumables, furniture, and welfare items, plus the money will be crucial going forward when the knock on effects of dealing with such a traumatic time start to hit the staff involved in the coming weeks. Planning is also underway to work out how we can best support the three hospitals using these funds in the longer term.

We are incredibly grateful to everyone who has contributed. Whether it’s £5 or £5,000, our gratitude is boundless. Please visit the appeal at https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/westhertscovidappeal

Unique artwork benefits Raise: an NHS charity

Captain Tom Moore by Dean RussellTwo incredibly talented local artists donated beautiful tributes to the fundraising success and spirit of veteran and centenarian Captain Tom Moore, which were auctioned over the 24 hours of Capt. Tom’s 100th birthday.

Proceeds of the auction will benefit West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust.

Dean Russell MP, Member of Parliament for Watford and a respected artist, painted this beautiful picture of Capt. Tom, striking what has become an iconic (more…)