Oliver Rosario

I started volunteering as I wanted to feel that I was doing something to help my local community.

Oliver, Volunteer

I didn’t want to sit at home and feel useless during the lockdown. I hope to have a future working in healthcare, and I thought the experience would be invaluable.  I particularly enjoy how each shift is different depending on what wards you go to and the tasks that need to be carried out. 

I love how busy A&E is and how much is going on at any one time.  When I first started, I found it difficult as seeing unwell people came as a bit of a shock – I am not sure what else I was expecting but I soon got used to it!  

I am struck by how grateful the staff are for help that we can provide such as helping during meal rounds and making drinks for patients. I hope to continue volunteering for a long time to come.

Oliver Rosario