Volunteer Stories

Here we feature some of the wonderful WHHT volunteers and a little of their stories. Every volunteer is equally valued, so each time this page is loaded you will see our volunteer heroes in a random order (it seemed only fair!). Click on the photos or (more…) links to read our “volunteer vignettes”.

Volunteer Rachel Kelly

Rachel Kelly, Volunteer

“I started volunteering because I wanted to see if a career in health and social care was for me”, says Rachel, who has now secured a job as a Health Care Assistant.

I started volunteering at Watford General Hospital because (more…)

Volunteer Dave Salmon

Dave Salmon, Volunteer

“I’ve been here for a few years now, an enjoyable, comfortable role, the hospital works smoothly and seemingly at it’s own pace. Then came Covid …..”  says Dave, a long standing volunteer.

I’ve been volunteering for a few years now, long before the current pandemic issues. I was in (more…)

Volunteer Anette Isomaeki

Anette Isomaeki, Volunteer

“I would definitely recommend volunteering for everyone. Every day is different and definitely a learning experience.” says Anette, who raised her hand to volunteer after being furloughed.

My journey as a NHS volunteer has only just begun, as (more…)

Volunteer Teodore Bate

Teodor Bate, Volunteer

“As a 6th former who intends to study medicine, I saw this as the perfect opportunity to experience a hospital working environment” says Teodore, who raised his hand to volunteer in late 2019.

I was keen to start volunteering at WHHT and had (more…)

Volunteer Jane Bartram

Jane Bertram, Volunteer

“I was already very familiar with the wonderful work volunteer services provided to the hospital as I had been taking year 12 students to visit patients for two years”, says Jane.

The questions I’ve been most frequently asked during my time volunteering (more…)

Volunteer Lubna Bhatti

Lubna Bhatti, Volunteer

“Being part of the volunteer team is an honour. Whatever the task, being part of the hospital leaves me with a sense of achievement and satisfaction”, says Lubna.

As a Volunteer at the hospital, the role is very much about being (more…)

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