Raise activities and COVID-19

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Covid-19Like all health-related charities, and indeed many others, Raise is making adjustments to the way we are working during the current public health emergency.

At Raise will be concentrating our efforts on helping West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust deal with the emergency, working closely with their communications team in particular.

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We will be making announcements shortly here and through social media about our plans to raise funds for and during the crisis, and to help the hospitals deal with the many kind offers of support being received from West Hertfordshire communities and businesses. We would also love to provide direct personal support if we can for staff who might struggle, and to enhance provision for COVID-19 patients if at all possible.

Many other Raise activities are suspended in the meantime, including fundraising events, meetings, processing grant applications not related to the emergency, and unnecessary travel. Our online activity – website and social media – will focus entirely on support during the COVID-19 emergency.

Thank you to all of our supporters and donors. We need you now more than ever, ironically at a time when it will be harder for us to be communicating with you as we normally would.

We would also like to take this opportunity to commend and salute the incredible work of West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust staff, and the broader NHS.