Raise funds re-open for applications

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Raise, like many organisations, has been operating very differently during the last few months. One of the steps we took was to restrict funding applications to COVID-19 related work so we could focus on supporting NHS staff during the peak of the pandemic. However, we are delighted to announce that the door is once again open for Raise funding for projects and purchases at WHHT.

These can be either related to the COVID-19 outbreak, or to more “normal” activities, or to brand new ideas for enhancing the environment at any of the three sites we support – Hemel Hempstead, St Albans City and Watford General hospitals.

As long as our charitable objectives can be met funding can be for anything from £100 to £250,000.

Charity Director Sofia Sheikh said, “We had to focus on the emergency response to COVID-19 but now we have additional resources and, thankfully, we seem to be past the worst of the outbreak. It’s very gratifying to be able to open Raise funds up again for applications – our donors have been very generous and I am keen that their money is deployed as soon as possible. I look forward to receiving some good quality funding requests from #teamwestherts.”

She added “We’ve taken the opportunity to simplify and streamline the process too, so for example small funding requests will be fast-tracked, and an application is submitted on a simple online form.”

Funding can be applied to buy equipment (medical and non-medical), improving the working environment, providing enhancements to patient care, training and development, support for NHS staff during and after COVID-19, well-being support for staff, and research. There may be other ideas too and we welcome them as long as they meet our four basic criteria. To be considered for funding your idea must:

    • cost between £100 and £250,000 (which covers quite a range!)
    • meet our charitable objectives above
    • provide “over and above” what should be funded by WHHT or the NHS
    • be submitted by a WHHT employee or volunteer (with an @nhs.net email address)

Raise is here to help WHHT staff make it happen!

Click here for details of how to apply for funding and the application form