Royal Masonic School parent footballers score £3,000 with inaugural Chiese Cup

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Parents at Watford’s Royal Masonic School have presented Raise with an amazing £3,000 after organising and competing in a charity football match.

The game was organised by parent Manish Bhatt and was inspired by the late Ross Chiese, who sadly passed away earlier this year. Ross’s daughter Sophie presented the Chiese Cup during a memorable evening and a tightly contested match..

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The game was the first of what will now become an annual event competing for the Chiese Cup.

Ross’s wife and Sophie’s mum Heidi wrote after the match “Thank you so much for organising and for holding a match in memory of Sophie’s Daddy … Ross would have thought it was awesome that a match was played in his name, so that he really could call himself “a legend”.

“Ross was a larger than life character, very funny, outspoken, but kind and caring.  He loved sports – all sports and subscribed to pretty much every sporting channel in existence.  Apart from his love of football and intimate knowledge of the clubs, managers, players, the years a player had played in the league, when, for whom, how the goal happened and every other detail known to man, he also loved cricket, golf, snooker and was even partial to watching the darts and, surprisingly, womens’ netball.

“Ross was all about teams, and community spirit.  And after watching tonight, seeing what you guys have put together, and raised for the ICU in Watford, I can see why he loved (the school) so much.

David Head, Interim Charity Director at Raise, said “It was sad to learn of Mr Chiese’s death at a young age, and very kind of his family and friends, as well as Camelot and Rickmansworth Swimming Club, to think of supporting the hospital at what must be a very tough time. Organising such a successful fundraiser at The Royal Masonic School for Girls, raising £3,000, is something they should be very proud of”