Parents’ snack trolley on the neonatal unit

Over 4,350 babies are born at Watford General Hospital each year. Of these, around 10 per cent are born prematurely.

Parents of poorly babies understandably want to spend every moment by the cot side, but they often forget their own health and wellbeing as Elvira Baker, Matron of the Special Care Baby Uni, explains:

“Parents need to be able to grab snacks quickly and easily to nourish themselves. That is why we offer a snack trolley to provide food, snacks and drinks to parents who are not able to bring refreshments with them when their baby is admitted to the neonatal unit. Parents are welcome help themselves from the trolley at any time, but we need help to keep it stocked. As you can see, it is depleted at the moment.”

Will you help relieve some of the parents’ stress by helping to fill the snack trolley again? If so, please see the snacks and drinks wish list on Amazon, and select ‘Elvira Baker, Neonatal Unit’ from the address list when you check out.

Thank you for your kindness.

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