Staff benefit from Vocalink Mastercard donation

Raise’s wishlist of items to help with the wellbeing of staff across West Hertfordshire have been kindly donated by Vocalink Mastercard in Hertfordshire. 

Two outside tables complete with 16 chairs and a microwave oven have been donated to the West Herts Therapy Unit at Jacketts Field in Abbots Langley. In addition, nine microwaves and an astonishing 2,000 bottles of water have been distributed to staff rooms in Hemel, St Albans and Watford hospitals. 

Gregor Dobbie, CEO Vocalink, told Raise: “In recognition of the dedication of NHS staff in the local Hertfordshire area, I am delighted that Vocalink’s donation will help support their wellbeing during these times.”

Sofia Sheikh, Raise Charity Director, said: “We’re so grateful to Vocalink Mastercard for making this extremely generous donation. The items will help with the wellbeing of staff in Jacketts Field as the weather warms up and all staff across our sites in West Herts will benefit from warming up home cooked meals in staff rooms. Everyone is really grateful and they will be toasting their thanks with the numerous bottles of water!”

Upon receiving the donations, Noemina Cosma, Day Surgery Unit Sister said: “All departments were so grateful and excited to receive such a surprise!”

As staff continue to work in extremely pressured environments due to the coronavirus pandemic, all donations and acts of kindness are greatly appreciated. If you wish to continue support staff in West Hertfordshire, please consider donating through our Raise a Rainbow campaign. 

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