Leave a legacy

leave a legacy

We all need some help from our hospitals at some point in our lives. Whether it’s for a serious medical condition, an accident or the birth of our children. At these times we’d give anything for the very best medical care available.

A gift left in your Will to Raise to support the hospitals in Watford, Hemel Hempstead and St Albans makes a huge difference to improving patient care, so loved ones like ours can receive the best treatment, delivered by the best staff, in the most modern facilities and with the most up-to-date equipment.

You don’t need to leave a fortune, or compromise provision for your family, but anything you do leave will help to keep delivering the very best care to everyone who needs it for generations to come.

Remembering us in your Will

>> Learn more about Heckford Norton’s special arrangements for Will-writing for NHS staff and families.

Since Raise was registered in 1995 we have supported hundreds of projects across our three hospitals. However, there is always work to do; by leaving us a donation in your Will, large or small, you could change the future for the thousands who use the NHS in West Hertfordshire.

Baby being scanned with ultrasoundThere are three different types of legacy you could leave us once you have provided for your family and friends. A gift can be made simply by adding a codicil* to an existing Will or alternatively you can make a new Will.

  • residuary gift is a percentage of the remainder of your estate once other gifts and expenses have been settled
  • pecuniary gift is a specified cash sum. Due to inflation the value of a pecuniary legacy erodes over time, so you may like to consider index-linking this type of gift
  • specific legacy is where a donor leaves us a non-cash gift such as property, stocks and shares or a personal item

Making a Will is very important, not just so that you can remember a charity but for the following reasons too:

  • You can ensure your family and friends are looked after financially
  • Arrangements for your funeral and other wishes will be respected
  • Leaving a gift to charity can reduce the inheritance tax your family pays
  • You can name an Executor, someone you trust, to deal with your affairs
  • Sentimental items can be distributed according to your wishes
  • Without a Will, administering your estate can become complex
  • Without a Will, in some circumstances your estate may pass to the state
  • Without a Will, bureaucracy can cause distress for family at a difficult time

If you want legal advice, it is best to speak to a solicitor or qualified Will-writer. If you (or your solicitor or Will-writer) need any further information about the charity please email office@raisewestherts.org.uk.

>> Learn more about Heckford Norton’s special arrangements for Will-writing for NHS staff and families.

It would help us to know your intentions if you are thinking of leaving a gift in your Will. This will allow the trustees of the charity to plan ahead and allow us to say thank you properly. Leaving a legacy is a very personal and important decision; rest assured that any information you provide will be kept strictly confidential.

* A codicil is an amendment or adjustment to an existing will, a codicil form can be downloaded from our resources page.