Other ways to help

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Here are a few other ideas as to how you might be able to help Raise.

Selling on eBay

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Did you know that we are registered as an eBay charity? That means that when you sell your items on eBay, you can tick the “give some of the sale proceeds to charity” button and nominate us to receive the donation directly. Also, as a bonus, eBay doesn’t charge a seller fee on the amount you donate. Have a look at the eBay for Charity page here.

Internet shopping

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Very often when you shop you will be offered the chance to support a charity through commission schemes. If you buy from Amazon, why not use their charity scheme. It’s called Amazon Smile and we can be found there under our formal name – search for West Hertfordshire Hospitals Charity at https://smile.amazon.co.uk

Corporate Support

Support from businesses across the region makes a real difference to patient care in Watford General, Hemel Hempstead and St Albans City hospitals.

Donations have enabled us to buy new high tech equipment, pay for specialist staff, contribute to environmental enhancements and fund the little things that make such a difference to patients, day after day.

If you run a business and you are looking to engage your staff in fundraising activity or increase your organisation’s CSR profile, we will be able to work together to mutual benefit.

Talk to your boss

If you work for a company where staff are asked to nominate charities for corporate support, please tell your boss about Raise. Draw his or her attention to this website and link us up by email … we are on office@raisewestherts.org.uk.

Talk to your school (or your child’s school)

Schools often like to support local charities as part of citizenship education, and we would be delighted to present at school assemblies and so on in return. Oh … and don’t forget the idea of the traditional non-uniform day!

Donations instead of …

What do you buy the (wo)man who has everything? Indeed, sometimes a difficult question. You could consider asking people to give donations to Raise instead of buying birthday, Christmas, anniversary, retirement, and other gifts. It really is a nice way of showing your support and also ensures that others learn about our important work.

Any other ideas …. ?

Tell us about them please, by emailing office@raisewestherts.org.uk.