NHS Big Tea

Host an NHS Big Tea Party and raise vital funds for West Herts Hospitals!

This July, we invite you to make a difference by hosting an NHS Big Tea party to raise funds for West Herts Hospitals. Host your tea party and celebrate the NHS’s birthday on 5 July, or choose any day in July to put the kettle on and raise a cuppa, whilst raising vital funds for our beloved National Health Service!

Whether you get together at home, in your office, at school, or within your local community, there are countless ways to make your NHS Big Tea a fun and impactful event. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Tea and Cake Donations: Ask guests to donate in exchange for delicious tea and cake.
  • Quizzes and Games: Host a fun quiz or play tea-related games to keep the excitement brewing.
  • Baking Competitions: Challenge your friends and colleagues to a friendly baking competition.

Hosting an NHS Big Tea is not only a fantastic way to raise funds but also a wonderful opportunity to bring people together in celebration of our shared love for the NHS.

The possibili-teas are endless! 

“The NHS Big Tea is a wonderful opportunity to come together, enjoy some tea and cake, and support our incredible NHS. Any contributions big and small help us continue to provide outstanding care at West Herts Hospitals. So, put the kettle on and join us in raising a cuppa for West Herts.”

West Herts Hospitals Charity CEO Alison Rosen

Everyone can get involved and every cuppa makes a difference.  So, grab your teapot, pop the kettle on and let’s get brewing! 

Make your Big Tea Party brilliant by downloading the following:

Why fundraise for West Herts Hospitals Charity?

The NHS Big Tea brings the nation together to fundraise and give something back to your local NHS hospital. You will be doing something amazing by fundraising for your local NHS hospitals across Watford, Hemel Hempstead and St Albans.

Our hospitals depend on charitable support, and every day is a chance for you to make a difference. Your fundraising could be helping to pay for something big – like a special piece of equipment or the refurbishment of a bereavement room. Equally, you could be supporting a small comfort that makes all the difference such as books and activities for poorly children, or wellbeing support for our exhausted doctors and nurses. Whatever the need, we can help by working together.

To find out how your fundraising will support patient care in our hospitals – click here. ➡️


If you’d like to find out more before, please contact emily.theobald3@nhs.net

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