Watford Councillor dives in to help

Dawn Allen-Williamson
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Watford Councillor, Dawn Allen-Williamson responded to our COVID-19 response appeal when she learnt that our hospital staff needed food and refreshments. Making links with the community support team at her workplace in the town led to donations of several hundred pounds worth of supplies early on in the emergency.

Dawn said “I am very proud to be a Councillor of Watford and West Herts Hospitals are a crucial part of our community. I was very pleased to be able to help a little in this challenging time.”

David Head from Raise, said “There has been an incredible support from dozens if not hundreds of companies and organisations, and it’s links like this that have made a real difference to the front line staff. In particular contributions of food and drink have been very generous and absolutely crucial to sustaining services here over the last couple of months.”

Pictured left to right are Arfan Bhatti, Barbara Leon-Hunt and Kayleigh Rockett from West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust, alongside Cllr Dawn Allen-Williamson of Callowland Ward, Watford.

Dawn also arranged for a donation of four new MP3 players for the hospitals chaplaincy by the Manna food project at Elim Church, Watford, from Reverend Guy Miller.

Many of the companies that have donated are listed on the charity’s “Wall of Thanks” at https://raisewestherts.org.uk/organisations/.