Wouldn’t it be nice if …..

Funds are now available from Raise to enhance the working environment and the patient experience at the three WHHT hospitals.

Wouldn’t it be nice if ….

Staff in the Critical Care Unit at Watford General Hospital thought “Wouldn’t it be nice if we could improve the lighting in the unit, which would lift everyone’s spirits and help with patient welfare and mindset?”

A £5,000 grant from Raise means that these fantastic new LED “skylight” screens are now in place.

LED skylights pairLED skylight single

The screens provide an illusion of daylight and are also used to provide a sense of proper timing, as the unit has no natural light at all.

Victoria Houghton, Matron on the unit, said “In the phase 2 area of the intensive care unit, we have minimal day light as the windows are very small and narrow. We have often had patients in that suffer with delirium and, though there are many contributing factors, having no daylight in there and very little awareness of day and night adds a further complication. The ceiling panels that are LED improve patient well being and can ensure that there is distinction between day and night.”

Is there something like this that Raise can help with in your department?

Apply for Raise funding and make it happen at WHHT

Staff at West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust can apply for funding from Raise – your hospital charity. As long as your idea meets some basic criteria we would love to hear from you. Our generous donors and supporters want their money to be spent on our charitable objective, which is to help WHHT provide the best care for WHHT patients and the best support for WHHT staff.

We are completely open minded about what we might fund, as long as your idea fits four basic criteria, you can click through to learn more about applying. Your idea must:

    • cost between £100 and £250,000 (which covers quite a range!)
    • meet our charitable objectives above
    • provide “over and above” what should be funded by WHHT or the NHS
    • be submitted by a WHHT employee or volunteer (with an @nhs.net email address)

So don’t just think about what would be nice – Raise is here to help you make it happen!

Click here for details of how to apply for funding and the application form