Year of the Nurse and Midwife

Raise celebrates #TeamWestHerts nurses and midwives during a special year

Raise is celebrating the World Health Organisation’s Year of the Nurse and Midwife throughout 2020 by teaming up with the West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust Chief Nurse, Tracey Carter, to do two things.

Firstly, our Friday featured nurses are listed below, scroll down to read what makes them special. You can also help us celebrate the profession and make your nomination of that special nurse or midwife on our nominations page. We will feature 52 of the wonderful WHHT nurses and midwives this year. That’s 52 individuals who represent all that is good about our trust’s nursing and midwifery teams. Anyone can nominate a nurse or midwife. If selected, we will celebrate their work and why they are so special on this page and on our social media. It’s our small way of contributing to the wider celebrations during the year.

Secondly, we’ve launched a special fund – the WHHT Chief Nurse’s Year of the Nurse and Midwife Fund. Money raised will go to support projects chosen by Tracey; things that will enhance the working environment for our nurses or fund training and education programmes.* You can learn more about and make a donation to the Chief Nurse’s fund on JustGiving at

Thank you to everyone who has nominated #TeamWestHerts’ fabulous nurses for Raise’s Nurse of the Week. Unfortunately, in light of the current situation, we are now suspending our Nurse of the Week feature. All our nurses and staff West Herts are doing an incredible job and so we would like to say a BIG thank you everyone who is working so hard.
Fri 13 March
Week #11
Christina Hernandez Sanchez Junior Sister Watford GH Picture of Christina Christina was nominated for being respectful, professional and approachable, making sure all the staff and patients are well looked after. See the nomination here.
Fri 6 March
Week #10
Luca Marinannio Staff Nurse  Watford GH Picture of Luca Luca was nominated for keeping his unit together and contributing to his team immensely. He is very helpful and is always up-to-date on what is happening in his team. See the nomination here.
Fri 28 Feb
Week #9
Princess Almazon Senior Sister Watford GH Princess was nominated for the support she gives to new staff members. She is always willing to help and is dedicated to developing ways to help improve the unit. See the nomination here.
Fri 21 Feb
Week #8
Vicky Houghton Matron Watford GH Vicky was nominated for being an innovative and inspiring leader and encouraging creativity among her colleagues. See the nomination here.
Fri 14 Feb
Week #7
Nico Pelissero Charge Nurse Watford GH Nico Nico was nominated for always being cheerful, leading by example and inspiring his team with his positive attitude. See the nomination here.
Fri 7 Feb
Week #6
Daniela Pavel Clinical Nurse Specailist Watford GH Daniela Daniela was nominated for going above and beyond in every part of her role and always showing empathy and compassion. See the nomination here.
Fri 31 Jan
Week #5
Sikangezile Ncube Junior Nurse          Watford GH Sikangezile Ncube Sika was nominated by senior sister Armida for her professionalism and dedication. Sika is described as the epitome of a  kind, caring and passionate nurse. See the nomination here.
Fri 24 Jan
Week #4
Bonnie Sparkes
Safeguarding Nurse
Watford GH
Bonita Sparkes Bonnie was nominated by Director of Communications Louise Halfpenny, recognising her positive contribution to the trust  on being named 2019 Nursing Times’ Nurse of the Year. See the nomination here.
Fri 17 Jan
Week #3
Justine Chung
Midwife Matron
Watford GH
Justine Chung Justine was also nominated as a Star of Herts in 2018, and to represent WHHT at Westminster on International Nurses Day 2019.  It must be that famous smile coupled with her high professionalism! See the nomination here.
Fri 10 Jan
Week #2
Michelle Sorley
MacMillan Lead
Michelle Sorley Michelle is a lead nurse in cancer and palliative care. She epitomises what nursing stands for and was nominated by Tracey Carter. See the nomination here.
Fri 03 Jan
Week #1
Tracey Carter
Chief Nurse
Tracey Carter For week #1, Raise nominated Tracey for partnering us this year! With over 25 years’ experience and being our highly respected Chief Nurse here at WHHT, we felt she deserved the first plaudit.

* NB any funds remaining at the end of the year will be carried forward to Raise general funds and spent in 2021